Education Center

Education Center

Welcome to the YourScoreAndMore Education Center! We started it so our members could get helpful information and tips on how to obtain new credit, manage existing credit, monitor their credit and protect their identity.

Each section of the Education Center contains short, easy to read articles about different aspects of credit. You'll find helpful information and tips on credit reports, credit scores, credit cards and more. We're continually adding new categories and stories so check back the next time you receive a monitoring alert to see if we've added the information you're seeking.

In the Dispute Guide, you will find detailed instructions on how to submit disputes to each of the three Credit Bureaus. This section includes instructions both for mailing in a dispute as well as for submitting it online.

You will find information about how to protect your identity and statistics on identity theft which will help you become more informed about threats to your identity. There are articles on the effects of identity theft, what steps you can take to protect yourself and more.

You'll find a lot of information on choosing the right credit card in The YourScoreAndMore Education Center. There are articles on choosing balance transfer credit cards, what to do when your credit report isn't showing a limit for one of your accounts, tips to help you get approved for a new credit card and more.
The YourScoreAndMore Education Center contains many articles on credit scores. You can learn about how late payments hurt your credit score, the credit habits of people with good credit scores, why credit scores differ and more.
In the Credit report section of the YourScoreAndMore Education Center you'll find articles about credit reports and credit history. Topics include how accounts in collection impact your credit report, calculating your debt to income ratio, uncovering credit myths and truths and more.

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Quick Facts

Identity Theft

Myth: Most Identity Theft happens online

Truth: Most happen offline

Myth: Criminals don't know their victims.

Truth: Most thieves know the victim.

Credit Card

If you get a new credit card, try to pay off the balance in full every month.

Read the Terms and Conditions to avoid being blindsided by hidden fees.

Credit Score

Even making one or two late payments can quickly drop your credit score.

If you pay late and are charged a late fee, try to get it waived. If you can't, try to get the fee lowered.

Credit Report

Myth: Closing old accounts raises your credit score.

Truth: Keep old account open.

Myth: Checking your own credit report raises your score.

Truth: It has no impact.